Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

The firm is a litigation firm, with experience in the following areas

Business Litigation

Representing businesses in legal disputes involving contracts, partnerships, intellectual property, and other commercial matters.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Litigation

Providing businesses with legal representation for cases related to severe injuries suffered by their employees or clients, focusing on pursuing substantial compensation for the resulting damages.

Commercial Construction Litigation/Arbitration

Resolving disputes in the commercial construction industry through litigation or arbitration, involving issues like contract breaches or construction defects.

Commercial Litigation

Representing businesses in a wide range of disputes and conflicts that arise in the corporate and commercial context.

Construction Defect Litigation

Addressing legal claims related to faulty construction work or subpar building materials used in construction projects.

Employment Litigation

Handling legal disputes arising from workplace issues such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or wage disputes.

Governmental Entity

Providing legal counsel and representation to government entities, municipalities, or public institutions regarding various legal matters.

Insurance Litigation

Representing policyholders or insurance companies in litigation over coverage disputes, claims denials, or bad faith insurance practices.

Mechanic’s Liens

Assisting contractors and construction professionals in enforcing their right to payment by placing a lien on the property when they are not paid for their services.

Professional Liability Litigation

Representing professionals (e.g., doctors, lawyers, accountants) facing claims of negligence or malpractice in their respective fields.

Real Estate Litigation

Handling legal disputes related to real estate transactions, property rights, zoning, boundary disputes, or landlord-tenant issues